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Helping business grow their profits since 1987 by explaining the science behind marketing and teaching the skills of selling

Do you want marketing solutions based on science which seamlessly feed enquiries into a structured sales conversion process?

Since 1987 Quiet Storm® has successfully provided marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes.

During this time, whatever the sector, project or budget, those clients who translated the advice and information we shared with them into action, always achieved faster and longer lasting success. We asked ourselves the question:

“How can we ensure that every one of our clients achieves the same level of success?”

The answer was simple, we needed to find a way of helping them to ‘know what we know’ and ‘think like we think’ and above all else, make sure the advice and information was translated into action, as knowledge alone is never enough.

If you choose to work with Quiet Storm® we guarantee you get a proven process, the understanding of why it works and key metrics to measure your return on investment.

The science of marketing and how people make their decisions when buying is well documented. However to get real understanding you must have the practical experience of 'doing' and that costs money. Quiet Storm® have this experience, which means you can fast track to the most effective marketing tools to generate enquiries coupled with a proven process to increase sales conversion.

Incorporating over a century of research - Quiet Storm® leads the way in the delivery of B2B sales and marketing solutions.

Whether you need a bespoke solution designing specifically for your circumstances or you are a small business working with a limited budget and resources - you get the Quiet Storm® approach.

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Key Business Services

• Strategic Planning
• Lead Generation
• Sales Conversion
• Client Development

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